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Welcome to Kheti Sheti.

This website aims to be a bridge between urban India and rural India in the matters of agriculture.
The purpose of this website is to give a quick glimpse of what we do and give you take-aways so you can get off the screen and on to soil 🙂

We like to believe that everyone is a farmer – whether directly or by proxy. To quote Wendell Berry, “to be interested in food but not in food production is clearly absurd.” Though the quote looks judgemental at first glance, a deeper introspection reveals that it is only meant to discipline and not chastise.

Through our Ujjiva program, we work to revive and rejuvenate the farms and families of farmers who committed suicide. Among other knowledge gaps to be filled, we utilise the help of Permaculture and to avoid commonly made mistakes by traditional farmers. Please visit the page for Ujjiva for more details to learn more about how we help and to find out how you can help, should you feel inspired to. In Telangana, we are proud to work exclusively with Aranya Agricultural Alternatives. They do incredible work in the field of permaculture and agriculture.

Our resources page has helpful links to integrate farming and gardening practices into your everyday life. You can find us on facebook here.

Our mission is twofold:
1) Mitigate and eventually eliminate farmer suicides in India.
2) Resuscitate the farmer families that have been cursed by the suicide of a family member.

Support farmers everyday, every way.

Have a nice day/evening ahead!

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kheti sheti success stories

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