Ujjiva is an immersion based workflow model to revivify and support Indian farmers who are living at or below poverty line. The idea is for you to immerse yourself into the mindset of a farmer for a fixed period of time, while helping a farmer in real time. You would be providing monthly contributions ranging from INR 500/- to INR 2000/- in addition to engaging and bonding with helpful souls such as yourself. At the end of the commit the farmer receives help, but you will also have something to take away with you – a sense of community and bonding with fellow guild members and the farmer you’re helping, knowledge, a basket of vegetables or a sack of grains.

Full details of the program can be found in the FAQ page here (opens in new tab).

Details of current Ujjiva projects are listed below for your reference.

List of Ujjiva programs underway:

  1. U1 – Telangana State, Bidakanne Village